About us

Equator Seeds Ltd (ESL) is a company which was established and became incorporated in 2011 for disseminating quality and dependable seeds and other related inputs and services to all farmers in the greater North (Acholi, Lango, Karamoja, Teso, Bunyoro and the West Nile regions), Eastern & western Uganda ,Kampala, Southern Sudan and other regions.


Equator Seeds Limited aims at providing consistent quality products and services that assures farmers of increased agricultural productivity and rural income through efficient dissemination and marketing of appropriate technologies.


To be a conduit in sustainable growth of small holder farmers in profitable agri-enterprise and social welfare development.


To revive northern Uganda and transform agriculture in Uganda for food security, economic stability and exports.

Core Values

• Consistent customer focus.

• Adherence to strict quality products and service delivery.

• Team work and social responsibility.


Equator Seeds Limited is one of the leading full line seed companies in Uganda that became operational with the purpose of providing quality seeds to smallholder farmers who produce over 90% of agricultural output. The company’s business is to transfer seed technologies developed through public or private research into the hands of farmers. With a professional team, Equator Seeds Limited is engaged in Seed Production, Processing and Marketing of seed varieties including; Legumes, Vegetables, Oil Seed, Seedlings and Cereals.

Welcome to Equator Seeds Ltd.

Equator Seeds Limited is legally registered and was incorporated in 2011. The company disseminates quality and genuine seeds including related inputs and services tofarmers in the Greater North (Acholi, Lango, Karamoja, Teso,West Nile regions and Bunyoro regions), Eastern and Western Uganda, Kampala, Southern Sudan and other regions.

Our Products

Oil Seed

Sunflower, Simsim, Soyabeans


Beans, Cow peas, Pigeon peas.


Avocados, Coffee, Mango.


Cabbages, Onions, Tomato.