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Equator Seeds Ltd 


The company has successfully joined the 10K club for seeds companies in Africa, producing at least 10,000MT of assorted seeds that will boost farmer’s income by at least 25Bn shillings.

Northern Uganda is recovering from post conflict trauma and registered a tremendous change with the collective effort from both government emphasis and private sector intervention. “Farmers no longer get food donation from humanitarian agencies like World food, USAID, Red Cross etc.”



  • Sunflower: Sunfola
  • Grounduts Serenut 2, 3, 4, 5R,6 and redbeauty
  • Simsim: Sesim 2 and standard Sesame
  • Soyabeans: Maksoy 1N,2N,3N, 4N,5N, Namsoy 4M


  • Citrus
  • Mangoes
  • Coffee
  • Avocados


  • Maize: Longe 5D,Longe 5(OPV),Longe 7H (Ssabalongo),UH505-1 (Gaggawala),MM3
  • Sorghum: Seso 1, Seso3
  • Finger Millet: Seremi 2
  • Rice: Upland Rice, Lowland Rice


  •  Tomatoes: Money maker, Heinz
  • Cabbages: Copenhagen, Drumhead,
  • Onions: Redcreole, Bombay red
  • Eggplants: Long purple and Black beauty
  • Okra: Clemson spineless
  • French beans: Lazy House wife
  • Carrots: Nantes, Chike


  • Beans: K132, NABE 4, Nabe 17 and Yellow beans
  • Cowpeas: Secow 2
  • Pigeon peas: Sepi 2

Planting Guide

wdt_ID S/No Crop Spacing Kg/Acre Approximate Yield
1 1 Beans (50x10)cm 30kg 1000kg
2 2 Maize (75x25)cm 10kg 1500kg
3 3 Soya Beans (60x05)cm 25kg 800kg
4 4 Cow Peas (60x30)cm 04kg 600kg
5 5 Rice (30x15)cm 20kg 1500kg
6 6 Sun Flower (75x50)cm 02kg 1000kg
7 7 Sorgum (60x20)cm 04kg 800kg
8 8 Pigeon Peas (60x30)cm 08kg 800kg
9 9 Groundnut (40x10)cm 40kg 1000kg
10 10 Simsim (30x10)cm 02kg 400kg
Equator Seeds Ltd (ESL) is a company which was established and became incorporated in 2011 for disseminating quality and dependable seeds and other related inputs and services to all farmers in the greater North (Acholi, Lango, Karamoja, Teso, Bunyoro and the West Nile regions), Eastern & western Uganda ,Kampala, Southern Sudan and other regions


Koro Abili, Gulu –Kampala High way, 10km from Gulu town, Omoro District P.O.Box 1375, Gulu.

4th Floor Mukwano Courts, Buganda Road P.O.Box 36692, Kampala, Uganda


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